Individual Donors


Thank you to our individual donors, who are helping 4-H to grow right here in Wisconsin. Your support will help 4-H continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our youth.*

Leonard and Agnes Bayer
Helen Bewick
Kathleen and Martin Burkhardt
Alice Byrne
Julie Canter
Rick and Peggy Daluge
Linda Funk
Barbara George
Alan and Debra Gunderson
Whilden and Judith Hughes
Becky and Ernie Merwin
Robert and Vivian Miller
James and Georgia Mode
Bob and Jill Nieskes
John T. Pagel
Jim Reid
Gale VandeBerg
Robert Walton
Bernadette Adams
LaVerne and Beverly Ausman
William and Jean Brew
Susan Buettner and Mark Zager
Elam and Barbara Buttles
Dave and Kimberly Daniels
Karen Goebel
Joel Greisch
Catherine and John Lader
Gregory Rindsig
Gene and Bonnie Rohrbeck
Thomas and Lorraine Roth
Sara Steele
Marcy and Art Tessmann
Glenn and Janice Thompson
Anonymous (1) Virginia Hall Dale Nodolf
Gordon Andrew Patricia Halpin Jim Nordgren
Bob and Mary Arndt William and Barbara Hamann Kathleen O’Leary
Edward Baker Hank and Charlotte Handzel Clarence and Louise Olson
Ronna Morton Ballmer William Hantke Philip and Judith Olson
Barb Barker Virginia Hazlett Kandi and Daniel O’Neil
Dolores Barlass Ronald Heeg William and Kathleen Parch
Jim and Carolyn Barthel Laura and Michael Herschleb Carol Peck
Patti and Gary Batenhorst Diane and Russell Hildebrandt Peter Pelizza
Carolyn Baumgartner Pamela Hobson Alan Peters
Tammy Beard Jim and Gayle Holte Anna Pickens
Lawrence and Barbara Behlen Taylor Holterman Robert and Kathryn Plahmer
Scott and Jean Berger Kyle Holtz Edward Polen
Nancy and Roger Bilz Linda Horn Gale and Isabel Qualls
Dean Bloch Dayton and Patricia Hougaard Rita and John Race
Ben and Gail Brancel Judi and Terry Huseth Thomas and Denise Retzleff
Allan and Joyce Bringe William and Jacqueline Hustad Russell and Karen Rindsig
Aaron and Nancy Brower Debra and Bruce Ivey Ken Roach
Isabel McKerrow Brown George Jacklin Patrick and Jaime Robinson
Paul Brunnquell Rene and David Johnson Virgil Rokicki
Bruce and Terri Buckley Jennifer Vaughan Jones James Roper
Duane and Kay Bunting Shellie and Peter Kappelman Henry Rueden
James Burns Delmon and Debbie Kessler James Schleif
David Buss Alf and Denise Kirkeeng Dorothy Schnell
Kelli Cameron Rick and Cynthia Klemme Sally Schoenike
Kari and Pete Capaul Charles and Theo Knigge Greg Schopen
Steve Carlisle Dave and Rena Koning Kay Buelke Schroeder
Shannon Carpenter Tami Koop Nancy Schroeder
MaryBeth Carr and Frank Carr, Jr. Pamela and Scott LaBarge Ronald and Christine Schwenck
Don Christianson Mary Beth Lang Frank and Martha Scott
Keith Cramer Martha and Mark Lange Walter and Marlene Siemers
Carl Daniels Douglas and Donna Langner Sherry Siemers-Peterman
Gerald Demers and Ellen Schuh Demers William Lawrie, II Roy Silverstein and Jacquelyn Joseph-Silverstein
Elizabeth Duewer Dale Leidheiser Jeff Sindelar
Donald and Barbara Dukerschein Thomas and Barbara Lyon Roger and Patricia Smith
Victor and Joyce Eggleston Deborah Madigan Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher
David and Paula Epstein William and Sandra Marohl Mary Stodola
Judy Etta Karl Martin Robert and Mary Jane Swedberg
Joan Firmery Mary Kaye Merwin Randy Thompson and Catherine Idzerda
Rolland Freid Deb Moellendorf Jeffrey Trader
Jerry and Judy Furseth Joseph and Heidi Mondloch Gary Vorpahl
Erin Gallagher Michele and Keith Montgomery John and Jean Walleser
Gerald and Betty Gast Arch Morton, Jr. Todd Wehler
Verne Gilles Karen and Richard Nelson Nicole Wesolowski
Bob and Bev Gross Denise Nerenhausen Donald and Melodie West
JoAnn Gruber-Hagen Arthur Nesbitt Steven and Teresa Wildeck
Scott Gunderson Kermit Newcomer Michael Wilson and Lynn Galbraith-Wilson
Robert and Lisa Hagenow Ronald Niedfeldt Raymond and Dianna Woss
Kelly and Scott Wywialowski

*This list reflects actual cash gifts received from individuals, 1/1/2017-12/31/2017


Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation, Inc.
The Pyle Center
702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-1597

Contributions to the Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation

Contributions to the Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation are used to assist the organization in their mission to provide resources to the Wisconsin 4‑H program.

Contributions are made with the understanding that the Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

The Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Federal tax identification number is 39-0914868.

Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation Statement of Nondiscrimination

The Wisconsin 4‑H Foundation is committed to, and morally bound to, a policy of nondiscrimination in regard to race, veteran status, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation as applicable to persons served by it, to staff employment, and to membership on its governing board.

As an organization and as individuals, we take the opportunity to learn and benefit from the divergent perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities each individual brings to the pursuit of our common mission.