Livestock Endowment

Summer 2016

Dear Friend,

As you may know, I’ve been around the livestock industry for more than a few years.  In my retirement, I spend my time working on projects that I think matter.  Recently, a challenge came to me that I was compelled to accept.

I’ve recently accepted the role of Chairman of the Wisconsin 4-H Livestock Endowment Fund. Our goal is to raise at least $500,000, which will go into an endowed fund to be used for youth livestock programs.

I’m sure it is not necessary to tell you about the importance of 4-H to our youth in Wisconsin, as I know you have long been an ardent supporter of Wisconsin 4-H.  In fact, you were probably a 4-Her in your youth, as I was in Oklahoma.

The Wisconsin 4-H Livestock Endowment Fund will provide resources for livestock-related youth programs, including programming in ag advocacy, quality assurance and record keeping.  Livestock programming is one of the largest project areas in Wisconsin 4-H.  Youth livestock programs have long been considered as model programs for youth development and for public understanding of American agriculture.  The obvious purpose of 4-H animal projects is to teach young people how to feed, fit and exhibit their animals.  The more important purpose is to provide an opportunity for personal growth and development.  Ultimately, the 4-H Livestock Program provides opportunities for young people to develop the character and life skills they will need to become successful and contributing members of society.

My request is that you consider a gift or multi-year pledge in support of this worthy project.  If you would like to visit more about this, I or one of our distinguished committee members would be very pleased to speak with you.

We are already off to a great start with $100,000 pledged from Equity, but we need your help to keep the ball rolling.

With best regards,

Dr. Robert Walton



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