Cedar Crest Ice Cream Flavor Creation Contest





All received a Cedar Crest Ice Cream party, and the Grand Prize winner was awarded $300.


Grand Prize

Trail Blazers 4-H Club, Holmen, La Crosse County

for Road Trip Wisconsin:

Rich chocolate ice cream representing the fertile farmland of Wisconsin, walnut pieces for the northern woodlands, ribbons of caramel representing the mighty Mississippi and other rivers of our great state, and pieces of cheesecake for our long standing history of cheese production. Come visit Wisconsin today!


White Cedars 4-H Club (Winneconne, WI, Winnebago County) for their flavor, Ant Hill: dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and caramel swirled with small pieces of Reeses pieces and chocolate sprinkles (the ants!)

Magnolia 4-H Club (Evansville, WI, Rock County) for their flavor, Pina Moolada: creamy coconut ice cream laced with perfectly sweetened pineapple pieces. The tropics of Wisconsin.

Big Elk Badgers 4-H Club (Phillips, WI, Price County) for their flavor, Logger Loot: vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl mixed with Heath bars. Adds the club, “Our town was formed because of logging and our school mascot is a logger.”

Mississippi Mud 4-H Club (La Crosse, WI, La Crosse County) for their flavor, Lunar Mud: this ice cream has a milk chocolate base combined with chocolate chips, caramel, white chocolate chunks to symbolize the lunar moon, and brownie bites.