Wisconsin 4-H Foundation corporate partners help 4-H create cutting-edge, relevant programs for young people to learn real-world skills that will prepare them for the challenges of today … and tomorrow. 4-H is proven: a Tufts University report shows that 4-Hers are:

  • TWO TIMES MORE LIKELY to get better grades in school
  • TWO TIMES MORE LIKELY to plan to go to college
  • 41% LESS LIKELY to engage in risky behaviors
  • 25% MORE LIKELY to positively contribute to their communities

4-H can help you add to your bottom line. Our local reach helps strengthen your brand and reputation; increases customer loyalty, and helps with new customer acquisition. A partnership with the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation offers:

  • Brand Recognition: 4-H is the largest youth organization in Wisconsin and has a 91% name recognition.
  • Unparalleled Reach: 4-H is in every county of Wisconsin, and has a very fast growing urban presence, as well as a strong rural presence.
  • State and Local Visibility: Partners receive targeted visibility options customized to their needs.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation recognizes partners based on the level of their gift. Recognition levels begin at $1,000 and are customizable. Wisconsin 4-H Foundation corporate partners are recognized in many ways. Sponsors are recognized for one year and sponsorships can be renewed annually. Eight giving levels are available, each offering recognition opportunities.

For more information about Corporate Giving Options, please call the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation at 608.262.1597.