2023 Beef Promotion Contest

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The Wisconsin Beef Council and Wisconsin 4-H Foundation have kicked off a beef promotion contest open to all Wisconsin 4-H beef project members.  The goal of the contest is to encourage 4-H beef project members to create an informative and appealing display that will educate consumers attending fairs or other events throughout the summer.  Entries are submitted by 4-H clubs and are limited to one entry per club.

The beef promotion contest has three categories:

  1. How beef is raised (messages could include animal care, daily life on a farm, etc.)
  2. How beef can fit into your lifestyle (nutritional benefits, beef cuts, recipes etc.)
  3. Benefits of beef (sustainability, by-products, etc.)

A winner from each category will be chosen and a beef prize package will be presented to each 4-H member who contributed to the promotion creation.

Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – 35 points. Does the display share information in a creative way?  Are color, graphics and pictures used to help tell the story?
  • Educational value – 35 points. Does the display provide accurate and informative details about the beef industry?  Did the entry use facts and information from Wisconsin Beef Council resources?
  • Reach – 20 points. Who was the target audience and did the promotion reach that audience? Can the content be used in other settings?  How did club members interact with the public?
  • Teamwork – 10 points. Did all team members contribute to the final product?  How did ream members work together to educate the public?

Content:  Beef-related content for the promotion must come from the Wisconsin Beef Council website (www.beeftips.com) or the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner website (www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com); from 4-H curriculum or materials, or from personal photos and experience.  4-H club members may also contact the Wisconsin Beef Council at (800) 728-2333 or wbc@beeftips.com to request materials.

Click HERE for a printable version of complete contest information.
Click Here for the 2023 Beef Entry Form

To enter the contest email or mail your club entry along with supporting materials to the Wisconsin Beef Council (wbc@beeftips.com or 957 Liberty Drive, Suite 201, Verona, WI 53593) by September 30, 2023.
Entry Information: Entries forms are available here: 2023 Beef Entry Form,
or by emailing Amannda@Wis4HFoundation.org.
Entries must be completed and sent to the Wisconsin Beef Council by September 30, 2023.  Entry must be no more than two pages in length.  Entries will consist of this information:
  1. Name of your 4-H Club and your county
  2. Club contact person’s name, email and phone number
  3. List the 4-H members who contributed to your promotion
  4. What local/county/state fair or other event did you complete your promotion?
  5. Describe how your club developed the plan for the educational display
  6. Describe your target audience
  7. How did your club interact with consumers (what questions did they ask, what did you do to encourage them to stop to view the display, etc.)?
  8. Did you do any additional marketing?
    1. Did you use social media to promote beef prior to the promotion?
    2. Did you use social media to extend the reach of your promotion?
    3. Did you coordinate social media with any other entity (like the fair) to further promote beef?
    4. Did you contact media (radio, newspaper, etc.) to talk about beef and your promotion?
  9. How will you use your promotional display at other events?
  10. Submit a minimum of two and a maximum of 6 photos of your display
Click Here for the 2023 Beef Entry Form
Click HERE for a printable version of complete contest information.