By donating to 4‑H, your support will provide our youth access to educational resources and learning opportunities when they need it most. These hands-on learning experiences will help kids build the confidence and skills they’ll need to navigate life’s challenges. Here are some examples of how your support will impact our youth:


Your gift can help youth by providing an educational kit, connecting a youth with a virtual program or helping defray the cost of a 4-H experience.


Your gift can help youth by reducing costs for a young person participating in local, regional, state and national 4-H activities.


Your gift can provide materials for a club or county program so youth can connect with peers, mentors and opportunities.


Your gift can support a program or event that will introduce youth to 4-H through fun, hands-on activities and skill-based learning.


Your gift can help our youth development professionals create research-based solutions to help our youth overcome educational, mental health and access-related challenges.

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Your gift will help our Wisconsin youth make the best better.

Your support makes it possible for 4-H to continue investing in the people, programs and resources that make a meaningful difference.

4-H is all about youth development and empowerment.

4-H members equip their heads for clear thinking, planning and reasoning, use their hearts to be kind, sympathetic, and true, train their hands to be helpful, skillful, and useful, and care for their health so they can enjoy life, resist disease, and work efficiently.

4-H participants gain life skills through hands-on experiences while making meaningful contributions to the community. Many only associate 4-H with cows and cookies, but our members are involved in so much more, including archery, robotics, photography – whatever sparks youth interests! Through these experiences, 4-H’ers are empowered to be the next generation of leaders and help their communities move forward.


Price County 4-H provides a wide range of opportunities.

Our local 4-H program reaches over 200 youth each year through one 4-H Program Educator, a program assistant and more than 40 volunteers. We engage young people through a variety of methods including 7 community clubs along with a couple of other specific 4-H group throughout Price County. Many youth are involved in our Day Camps at our county parks, Summer Camp, 2 local fairs, Market Animal Sale, archery project, Project Fun Days, partnership with summer library programs, and other project meetings.

We are working to increase our program offerings, involve more youths in 4-H clubs, and reach other youths throughout Price County. You can help to cultivate the growth of new leaders in the community.

Want to join us?

If you would like to get involved with Price County 4-H beyond Give BIG as a 4-H member or volunteer, please fill out one of these interests forms below. A member of the Price County 4-H staff will reach out to you to discuss how to get involved.

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