Retired 4-H Agents are strong supporters of the Wisconsin 4-H program.

The Retired Agents Endowment was established  as a way for retirees to support the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation  and to honor their colleagues.

Agents who contributed or received gifts of $1,000 or more are listed below.


Glenn Bartelt Ken Johnson George Oncken
Jim Barthel Alf Kirkeeng Mike Perkl
Jeanne Baum Elmer Kohlstedt Lowell Pierce
Sid Bjorkman Tamie Koop Wilfred Pierick
Arthur Brehm Linda Kustka Tom Reinemann
Gerald Bretl Tom Larsen Reginald “Reg” Rensink
Kay Buelke-Schroeder E. J. Lueder Gene Rohrbeck
Betty Davies Mitch Mackey Dave Running
Don Dukerschein Susan Marino Don Schink
Norm Everson Donna Menart Sally Schoenike
Jim Everts Melanie Miller Wayne Schroeder
Bob Fredrick Ivan Morrow Bill Shaw
Gerald Gast Keith Nelson Carl Smith
Dick Hauser Judy Olson Bob Stodola
Pat Harrington Severt Olson Ed Vruwink

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