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Celebrates the Arts      

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation provides support for arts and communications programs that encourage youth to develop strong leadership, creative and communications skills. Each year the Foundation highlights 4-H artists through the Celebrate the Arts art contest.

The winners have been chosen…Congratulations to this year’s top artists!

Click HERE for images of all winners.

Best of Show: Alexa Heitkamp, Age 16, La Crosse County, Rustic Winter Windmill (Photography)

Sophie Stueck, Age 12, Outagamie County, 4-H Coming Together (4-H Non-photography)
Alexa Heitkamp, Age 16, La Crosse County, 4 Days of Friendship (4-H Photography)
Coralyn Malueg, Age 11, Brown County, Fashionable 4-H Beaded Bracelet (Any Other Media)
Sabrina Schmidt, Age 15, Brown County, Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (Drawing)
Jax Zajec, Age 11, Rusk County, 4-H Chicken Basket (Fabric, Yarn or Fiber) -SOLD!-
Paige Zimmer, Age 10, Waushara County, Fall Harvest (Painting)
Austin Kressin, Age 8, Langlade County, Summer (Pottery, Ceramics or Clay)

The committee found that the work of these artists deserve an Honorable Mention for their fine work:

Samantha Miller, Age 6, Fond du Lac County, Helping Hands (4-H Non-photography)
Edward Richardson, Age 7, Waukesha County, 4-H is Everywhere (Any Other Media)
Quinn Ciorba, Age 7, Columbia County, 4-H Wreath Making (Drawing)
Sawyer Gilmour, Age 9, Green Lake County, The Eye of 4-H (Drawing)
Jackson Bonnin, Age 9, Outagamie County, Foxy (Drawing)
Caitlyn Herring, Age 14, Manitowoc County, Snowy Day Mittens (Fabric, Yarn or Fiber)
Hadley Barreau, Age 10, Juneau County, Waterfall Fall (Photography)
Keaton Barreau, Age 13, Juneau County, Fall Trees and a Calm Breeze (Photography)


The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Celebrates the Arts is a contest, to be held annually for the purpose of:

  • Promoting 4-H Arts Programming
  • Raising Funds to Support 4-H Art Programs
  • Telling the 4-H Story
  • Raising Awareness of the WI 4-H Foundation and the 4-H Program


Proceeds from any Celebrate the Arts events or sales will be split evenly with half invested in the Talen Endowment for 4-H Arts Programming and half used for arts programming in the next 4-H program year.

Celebrate the Arts 4-H Art Contest

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation will sponsor the art contest, open to any current Wisconsin 4-H member, with cash prizes totaling nearly $1,000.  The contest was held virtually, with photos of all entries submitted electronically. 

For your reference, the 2023 Art Event Contest Information can be found here.

4H girl gardening


Want to support Wisconsin 4-H arts and communications programs? You can make a secure, online donation by clicking HERE.

Proceeds from Celebrate the Arts events are split evenly with half invested in the Talen Endowment for 4-H Arts Programming and half used for arts programming.

The Wisconsin 4-H Arts and Communications programs have a rich history and an exciting future. Our 4-H youth are encouraged to develop their creative, problem-solving and technical skills through their 4-H work. Arts and communications programming is one of the largest project areas in Wisconsin 4-H. It provides opportunities to explore and develop artistic awareness, creative potential and appreciation of art and the artistic process.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is working to enhance support of arts and communications programs and through the arts and communications endowment which permanently provides resources for arts-related programming. Funds generated from Celebrate the Arts events will provide resources for 4-H arts and communications programs including visual and performing arts, communications, photography, speech and drama. Thank you for your support in these endeavors.

For more information about the Foundation, visit us at www.Wis4HFoundation.org
please contact the Foundation at Info@Wis4HFoundation.org or 608.262.1597 with any questions.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
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