Thank you to our individual donors, who are helping 4-H to grow right here in Wisconsin. Your support will help 4-H continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our youth.

This list reflects actual cash gifts received from individuals, 1/1/2019-12/31/2019

Gordon Andrew
Leonard and Agnes Bayer
Joyce Bringe
John and Cathy Brunnquell
Kathleen and Martin Burkhardt
Susan Crane
Rick and Peggy Daluge
Linda Funk*
Alan and Debra Gunderson
LeRoy and  Lori Haeuser
Teresa Johnson
Becky Merwin
Robert and Vivian Miller
James and Georgia Mode
Jim Rutledge
Marcy and Art Tessmann*
William Thompson
Robert Walton
Katherine Wicker
Bernadette Adams
Jim and Carolyn Barthel*
Susan Buettner and Mark Zager
Duane and Kay Bunting
Nancy Flood
Meagen Flood
Karen Goebel
Jim and Bernie Hafenstein
Mary Kaye Merwin*
Richard Pamperin
Juanita Peck
Gregory Rindsig
Brianna Ripp*
Gene and Bonnie Rohrbeck
Sally Schoenike
Sara Steele
Jeffrey Swenson
Gale VandeBerg
Kathi Vos and Scott Snyder
Helen Walker
Cortlyn and Judy Almquist Scott Gunderson William and Kathleen Parch
Heidi and Todd Andrews David Gundlach Alan Peters
Jerold and Ruth Apps Robert and Lisa Hagenow Megan and Marc Peterson
Edward Baker Virginia Hall Robert and Kathryn Plahmer
Jenny Barreau William and Barbara Hamann Jessica Powell
Carolyn and Neal Baumgartner Hank and Charlotte Handzel Gale and Isabel Qualls
Lawrence and Barbara Behlen Pauline Haug Rita and John Race
Dennis and Joan Behr Linda Hauser Rich and Evelyn Rathke
Alan Bertelrud Wendy and Jonathan Heise Valerie and Jeff Renk
Nancy and Roger Bilz* Steven and Mary Hemshrot Erin Richardson
Rebecca Blank Beverly Henkel Wendie Richardson
Patricia Bradford Linnet Henningfeld Jeanette Riechers
Ben and Gail Brancel Laura and Michael Herschleb* Russell and Karen Rindsig
Kay Buelke Schroeder Daphne and Lloyd Holterman Ken and Sandy Roach
James Burns Linda Horn Thomas Rowntree
MaryBeth and Frank Carr Dayton and Patricia Hougaard Henry Rueden
Arthur Carter William and Jacqueline Hustad Roberta Schimek
Gary and Amy Cebulski George Jacklin James Schleif
Don Christianson Leon Janssen Lee and Pamela Schlenvogt
Peter Clark Daniel Jasper Catherine Schorn
Beth Clemitus and Susan Clemitus Alison Johnson Debbie Schroeder Fisher
Dawn and Clinton Collins Jerold and Jean Julius Carla Schwertz
Ray and Miriam Cross Robert Keith Linda Scott
Carl and Shirley Daniels Carol Kietzke Roberta and Alan Shimek
Sarah and Steven Davis Alf and Denise Kirkeeng Gerald Smith
Randall and Janice Dodge Karen Kling Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher
Kory Dogs* Ron Klitzkie Robert and Mary Jane Swedberg
Jamie and Russ Dresen Cindy Koffman Lanice Szomi
Elizabeth Duewer Tamie Koop Douglas and Karen Traastad
Darlene and Steve Eckerman Alvin and Loretta Kracht Sherrie Tussler
Marc and Grace Eernisse Grace Kragness Gary Vorpahl
David and Paula Epstein Linda Kustka* John and Jean Walleser
Gary Finley Sonja Loe Donald and Melodie West
Janet Floeter Thomas and Barbara Lyon Norman and Loretta Wilks
Rolland Freid William and Sandra Marohl Michael Wilson and Lynn Galbraith-Wilson*
Rodney Freymiller Thomas and Donna Miller Jerome and Sharon Woelfel
Francis Friar Deb Moellendorf Kevin Wondra
Erin Gallagher* Leigh and David Mollenhoff Raymond and Dianna Woss
Gerald and Betty Gast Arch Morton, Jr.* Don and Dee Wylie
Barbara George Arthur W. Nesbitt RuthAnn Yoerger
Verne Gilles Mary and John Niedzwecki Nolan and Diantha Zadra
Eleanor Gojmerac Bob and Jill Nieskes Virginia Ziegler
Richard and Carol Graetz Dale Nodolf Emilee Zimdars and Clint Slizewski
Carol Grosenick Mydella Palmer

*Board Member or Board Liaison