Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2023 winners! 

This year was another extremely competitive year, with only the top 5% of all applicants receiving scholarships.

(Check back in December for next year’s opportunity.)

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Harold and Irene Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship, $2,500 scholarship, two awarded
     Autumn Lorenz, Outagamie County ($2,500)
     Sam Mess, Fond du Lac County ($2,500)

Oscar G. & Mary W. Woelfel Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 scholarship, two awarded; $1,000 scholarship, two awarded
     Rabeka Liberto, Racine County ($1,500)
     David Thompson, St. Croix County ($1,500)
     Courtney Glenna, Polk County ($1,000)
     Brooke Luedtke, Columbia County ($1,000)

Frances & Phyllis Conrad Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 scholarship, two awarded
     Milana Meisner, Manitowoc County ($1,000)
     Talise Meisner, Manitowoc County ($1,000)

T.L. Bewick Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 scholarship, three awarded
     Ann Boland, Polk County ($1,500)
     Samantha Budtke, Wood County ($1,500)
     Maria Lee, Ozaukee County ($1,500)

Culver’s 4-H Scholarship, $1,000 scholarship, two awarded
     Erin Bartleson, Racine County ($1,000)
     Molly Damm, Columbia County ($1,000)

Cynthia Hoehne Scholarship Award, $1,000 scholarship, one awarded
     Allison Duerkop, Eau Claire County ($1,000)

Elizabeth Salter-Eby Memorial Scholarship, $800 scholarship, one awarded
     Amelia Dittman, St. Croix County ($800)

Betty Krueger Memorial Scholarship, $600 scholarship, one awarded
     Emily Pla, Marathon County ($600)


The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation awards more than $20,000 in scholarships to outstanding Wisconsin 4-H members and alumni pursuing higher education annually. Wisconsin 4-H Foundation scholarships are awarded to students based on demonstrated personal growth through 4-H, development and leadership in 4-H, academic performance and future educational goals. 

Selection Process

A panel of experienced youth educators screens the applications and selects finalists. Applications chosen as finalists are screened by a second panel comprised of 4-H and youth development experts.  The finalist applications are ranked.  The 4-H Foundation assigns available scholarships to the top-ranking applications based on scholarship criteria (example: scholarships are available for specific geographical areas and project areas).


Applicants who are awarded scholarships will be notified by postal letter and email in May.  This letter will include information about how to access the scholarship.  Scholarship awardees are required to email a photo to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and provide a one-page thank you letter outlining 4-H experiences and future plans that the Foundation will send to the scholarship sponsor.  Scholarship recipients and portions of their application materials (including their photo) may be featured in Wisconsin 4-H Foundation materials.


Call or email the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation:

608.262.1597 or info@Wis4HFoundation.org